I remember struggling to get the scale to move a pound only to have it go up by two. Or deciding to job, only to make it 30 yards, dizzy, light headed, and my mesh shorts trying to cut my legs off at the groin. Or realizing I wasn’t training my legs and using ever leg machine at the gym. I stalled my stick shift car 4 times my legs were shaking so badly. Frustrating, absolutely! IT does not have to be this way. I have helped countless avoid the frustration and reach their health, wellness, and weight loss goals. What are your frustrations? Contact me at EatByColor.com or social media. I can save you the frustration.
This is a collection of my written work; blog post, email blasts, articles for print. Every piece a key, that just might unlock a puzzle or open the door to a solution to health, wellness, or weight loss. The keys before you I learned on my personal journey from over 230lbs to 170lbs, and in helping thousands as a gym owner and trainer.